I would like to thank you all that came to West Chester Marriott to help us bring in 2016. It was a very special night for the band and myself. As most of you know it was a emotional and tough year for us, and it been long road. Through the graces of God we were blessed with our new guitarist Tom Hauenstein, so now we turn a page and start a new year, and best of all a new adventure for BlueStone Ivory.

We will be looking forward, learning new music, new ideas and maybe even another “Blast Of Brass” this summer.And starting Friday January 22nd we will be starting our end of the month dance (or close too!) at The Redmoore in Mt Lookout, great food, beautiful club and big dance floor! If you need any information you can call them or visit there website. Thank you all so much for your time and as always:


Lee D Heftel (Bassist BlueStone Ivory)